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Dr Adam Frew

I'm an ecologist interested in understanding the interactions between soil microbiota, plants and herbivores. In particular, a major theme of my research is understanding the ecology of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, and how they affect plant outcomes.

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I’m interested in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, how they affect plants, and what influences their diversity and composition.

I obtained my PhD from the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment in 2017, where I studied the impacts of the soil environment on root-feeding insects. I was then awarded an independent research fellowship at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga where I continued to pursue my interests in belowground ecology by exploring aspects of how arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi affect plant performance and responses to insect herbivory. After this fellowship I took up an ongoing faculty position at the University of Southern Queensland teaching into a variety of environmental and sustainability subjects while continuing my research into mycorrhizal ecology.

I was awarded an ARC DECRA that explores how agricultural management shapes mycorrhizal fungal diversity and how community composition impacts plant defences against insect herbivores. At this point, I returned to the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment to build my research group to better understand this amazing group of symbiotic fungi.


02 4570 1569

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