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Meike Katharina Heuck

Meike graduated with a master’s degree in Physical Geography from the University of Tübingen in 2019. Since then, she has worked as a Project Engineer, including leading projects, and has been responsible for the environmental consulting and permitting aspects of large infrastructure projects. In 2022, she started her PhD in microbial ecology, pursuing her passion for food security in the face of climate change. Her primary research focus lies in exploring the interaction between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and plants to promote sustainable agriculture. She possesses extensive experience in ecosystem processes, biodiversity, and plant ecology.

Meike is supervised by Dr Adam Frew and co-supervised by Prof. Jeff Powell, Dr Christina Birnbaum, and Dr Jarrod Kath.


Birnbaum, C., Dearnaley, J., Egidi, E., Frew, A., Hopkins, A., Powell, J., Aguilar-Trigueros, C., Liddicoat, C., Albornoz, F., Heuck, M. K., Dadzie, F. A., Florence, L., Singh, P., Mansfield, T., Rajapaksha, K., Stewart, J., Rallo, P., Peddle, S. D., & Chiarenza, G. (2023), Integrating soil microbial communities into fundamental ecology, conservation, and restoration: Examples from Australia, New Phytologist, Vol. 241, 974-981

Frew, A., Heuck, M.K., Aguilar-Trigueros, C. (2023), Host filtering, not competitive exclusion, may be the main driver of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal community assembly under high phosphorus,  Functional Ecology, Vol. 37, 1856-1869

Heuck, M.K., Birnbaum, C.,  Frew, A. (2023), Friends to the rescue: using arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to future-proof Australian agriculture,  Microbiology Australia, Vol. 44, 5-8

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